Motivasi Dan Hasil Belajar Matematika Melalui Vidio Pembelajaran

Liswantari Liswantari


This classroom action research aims to improve students' activities and learning outcomes through learning videos. Located at SMP N 4 Pringsewu class IX even semester 2018/2019 in mathematics learning the subject of curved side space. The research was conducted in three cycles, each cycle lasting 2 x 40 minutes consisting of 4 stages, namely planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The data obtained in each cycle were collected to determine the effectiveness of the actions taken. Data analysis used qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques. Learning activity data obtained through observations. The learning outcomes data obtained through tests. In cycle 1, data on active student learning activities were obtained as many as 9 students or 30%. In cycle 2, there were 21 students good activity or 70%, and in cycle 3 it increased to good activity as many as 23 students or 77%. Meanwhile, student learning outcomes in cycle 1: students complete learning as many as 18 people or 60%, with an average grade of 78. In cycle 2 students complete learning as many as 21 people or 70% with an average value of 78, and cycle 3 students completed learning as many as 25 people or 83% with an average of 81. Thus, there was an increase in student activity and learning outcomes.
Keywords: activity, learning outcomes, approach, recording, video



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