Makna Hidup Lansia Perempuan Lajang di Desa Kauman Kabupaten Brebes

Tazkiyatun Nafs El Hawa, Suriswo Suriswo, Muhammad Arif Budiman Sucipto


Meaning is something that is valuable and desirable in one's life and gives more value to an individual and deserves to be the goal of life. The phenomenon that occurs today is where there are several elderly people who do not have a partner in Kauman Village. This study uses a qualitative method using two single female elderly subjects. Data collection methods used in this study were observation, interviews, and documentation. Data collection tools in the form of voice recorders and interview guidelines to facilitate researchers in collecting data. The results showed that the two subjects had something in common, namely deciding not to marry. Then the two subjects have something in common which has the meaning of life, namely more often filling religious activities and getting closer to God, and both of them have something in common, namely always using gratitude as a reference. The conclusion for the elderly is to provide benefits for the elderly regarding the importance of finding the meaning of life, especially those who are single, so that the elderly feel happiness and their lives become directed.

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