Adaptasi Kebijakan Kurikulum Merdeka di Sekolah Dasar

Fricilla Amelia Putri, Maya Eliya, Dwi Putri Prabawati, Oriza Novandi Al-Firdaus, Muhammad Akpan Fauzi


One of the main challenges faced by schools and teachers is identifying needs and challenges in schools that implement the Independent Curriculum, moreover teachers are also expected to have the skills to adapt to changes in the curriculum considering their key role as the front guard in its implementation, so that the Melrdelka Curriculum used as the main focus in the world of education which can create a wave of significant changes in the learning paradigm.The Government also provides freedom to teachers and educational units to implement the Melrdelka Curriculum according to their respective readiness, so that with the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum it is hoped that it can improve the quality of education, especially by focusing on student creativity and independence, and adaptation at the elementary school level. This research uses a narrative qualitative approach to understand the process of adapting elementary school students to the Melrdelka Curriculum. The results of this research include the preparations needed, the challenges faced, and the support needed from related parties. Factors such as teacher adaptation, student difficulties, and parents' positive responses become the solution. Basic school needs to adapt to the Melrdelka Curriculum, including curriculum adjustments, increasing teacher competence through training, and involvement of parents and the community.

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