Analisis Kompetensi Guru SD dalam Mengembangkan Modul Ajar Kurikulum Merdeka

Windi Afriyanti, Laila Maulida Ma'ruf, Bunga Amelia Citra, Ananda Amalia Afra, Agil Adi Darmawan


In developing teaching modules for the independent curriculum, teachers must be able to formulate the components contained in the teaching modules.  In reality, what is happening in the field at present is that teachers' abilities in developing teaching modules for the independent curriculum are quite good, but teachers are not yet mastered in formulating several components in teaching modules.  The aim of this research is to obtain a description of teachers' abilities in designing teaching modules.  The background of this research is seen from the changes in the 2013 curriculum to the independent curriculum.  The focus of the problem in this research is the teacher's ability to develop the Independent Curriculum teaching module, which was caused by the changes that occurred in the RPP, which was replaced by a teaching module.  This research uses a qualitative description method.  The researchers used interview and observation techniques given to the teachers.  The data analysis techniques in this research are reducing data, sorting data, describing data, presenting data, and concluding data.  There are three components that are studied in relation to teachers' competence in developing teaching modules, namely the general information component, core components, and appendices.  The results of this research show that teachers' competence in designing teaching modules for the Merdeka Curriculum is good, especially in preparing the general information component, and the core components of the teaching module are complete.  Then, the teachers' ability in preparing the attachment components still needs to be improved, especially in preparing the attachments for the learning outcome assessment instruments.

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