Pemanfaatan Media Lagu dalam Pembelajaran Menulis Pantun di SD

Jodi Pranata, Lisdwiana Kurniati, Dessy Saputry


The problem in this research is still the lack of student interest in learning to write pantun. This happens because teachers do not apply learning models and learning media so that students are less interested and bored in following the process of learning to write rhymes. Teachers in schools need to utilize learning media to achieve learning goals. One of the learning media that can be used by teachers to convey material is through songs. This research aims to train students' skills in writing pantun according to the characteristics and structure of pantun using song media. The method used in this research is qualitative with a qualitative descriptive approach. This approach is to describe the use of song media in learning to write rhymes as a learning medium. The results of the research show that learning to write rhymes at school using song media can motivate and make students happy to write rhymes according to the characteristics and structure of good and correct rhymes.

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