Peran Guru SD dalam Mencegah Perilaku Bullying

Cindy Puspita Sari, Juwita Musri'ah, Popy Nadila Putri, Rahma Safitri, Ridho Cahyadi Putra, Ringgit Fatmawati



The bullying cases cannot be taken lightly. There needs to be cooperation between the school, parents and the community to be actively involved in preventing and handling bullying cases. Bullying can have a number of negative impacts, both for the victim and for the perpetrator himself. If this act of bullying occurs in SD/MI, then the role of a teacher is really needed so that the teacher is able to recognize, identify and handle it. The aim of this research is to describe the role of teachers in preventing bullying behavior at school. This research uses descriptive qualitative methods. The data collection techniques used in this research were interviews, distribution of questionnaires, and documentation. The results of this analysis show that the teacher's role in dealing with bullying among students is providing knowledge and advice to teachers, establishing good relationships with parents and students, advising and giving lectures, they must also be able to shape students' personalities and build positive relationships with students, and teachers need to Be alert to acts of violence committed by students.

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