Analisis Pembelajaran Diferensiasi pada Kurikulum Merdeka di Sekolah Dasar

Hanifah Rohana, Hermalia Putri, Laelly Miftahul Huda, Marcella Silviana Putri, Nailil Amalia, Umi Zulaykha


Each student has a variety of learning styles, levels of understanding and interests. Differentiated learning is an approach to planning and implementing the learning process based on the unique qualities of each student. The aim of this research is to describe differentiated learning in the Merdeka curriculum in elementary schools. A qualitative descriptive research design was used in this research. The interactive analysis method is a data analysis technique applied in this research. From the research findings it can be concluded that teachers apply three components of differentiation learning, namely, product differentiation, process differentiation, and content differentiation in differentiation learning.

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