Perbandingan Penggunaan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Think Pair Share dan Team Assisted Individualization di SD

Afri Mardicko, Deny Apriyani Juhri, Erima Arum Lestari


This aims to obtain a comparison of educational models that are more effective for students in order to uncover mathematical cases. A posttest-only control group design was used in the study. The sample in this study consisted of 34 students with 17 students in experimental group I, class VA and 17 students in experimental group II, class VB. Normality test, data homogeneity test, validity test, and independent illustrative t test using SPSS were used to analyze the data that had been obtained. The results of the hypothesis test calculations were concluded if there was a comparison of the mathematical problem solving skills of students who were taught using the TPS and TAI cooperative learning models in Class V Geometry material at UPT SD Negari 2 Gadingrejo. It can be concluded that experimental class I is better than experimental class II.

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